Tales Of Yudhisthira

Yudhishthira, the eldest of the five Pandava princes, was born to Kunti by the grace of Yama. His actions were free from passion and prejudice. He came to be considered the very embodiment of Dharma and was respectfully referred to as Dharmaraja. Yama, the awe-inspiring God of death, is also revered as the Lord of Justice. Since he metes out justice strictly according to Dharma, he is called Yamadharma. Who else could test Yudhishthira but Yamadharma?

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Yudhishthira emerged from the ordeals a stronger soul. Loyal brother, caring husband, humble victor and kind human being Yudhisthira had earned the right to eternal happiness. But he wanted his loved ones around him, and for this he was willing to endure the tortures of hell. His life was a series of tests, trials and tribulations but he never failed to rise to the occasion.

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