Just because the boy was blind he became the butt of every unkind prank. Little did his family realize that Soordas / Surdas could often see more than anyone else. He could direct a shepherd lost goat and a father to his missing son. He could describe exactly how the idol of his beloved Lord Krishna was dressed in the temple each day. The Mughal emperor Akbar personally come to invite him to his court.

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Soordas / Surdas, who faced rejection because he was blind but wrote poetry about Krishna with the detail and devotion of one who saw him.

Surdas/ Soordas , the blind bard of Brij, occupies a very eminent position in Hindi literature. He is considered the Valmiki of Brij (a dialect of Hindi), not only because he was the first poet to write in that dialect, but also because his works have an epic stature.


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