The Story Of The queen Of the Pandavas – Taken from the Mahabharata.

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Draupadi/ Draupati/ Draupathi – The story begins with the birth of Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna from the fire and then the swayamvara in which she becomes the bride of the five Pandavas, including the story of her past life when she asked Shiva five times to grant her a husband. The next episode is the infamous game of dice, when Draupadi must call upon Krishna for protection from the Kauravas. Draupadi goes into exile with her husbands, and Bhima saves her from Kichaka when they are living in disguise at Virata’s court. The story concludes with the downfall of the Kauravas, the fulfillment of Draupadi’s destiny as foretold at her birth.

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